Contributions to Zoology, 86 (1) – 2017Vincent Nijman; Daniel Bergin: Reptiles traded in markets for medicinal purposes in contemporary Morocco

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We thank the students of P10203 International Legislation, Humans and Wildlife at Oxford Brookes University for helpful discussions and feedback, Els van Lavieren (Moroccan Primate Conservation, Amsterdam), Isabelle Six, and Mohamed Amezian (Groupe de Recherche pour la Protection des Oiseaux au Maroc, Rabat) for information and support, and Ann Paterson (Williams Baptist College, Walnut Ridge) for reviewing earlier versions of this paper. Juan M Pleguezuelos and two anonymous reviewers provided helpful suggestions for improvement.

Received: 30 May 2016

Revised and accepted: 16 September 2016

Published online: 23 February 2017

Editor: S.E.T. van der Meij