Contributions to Zoology, 86 (2) – 2017Gerrit Potkamp; Mark J.A. Vermeij; Bert W. Hoeksema: Genetic and morphological variation in corallivorous snails (Coralliophila spp.) living on different host corals at Curaçao, southern Caribbean

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Coralliophila galea (Dillwyn, 1823)

Fig. 19.


Fig. 19. Coralliophila galea. Ventral, dorsal, lateral, posterior and the anterior views of a single shell, respectively (a-f). Examples of intraspecific variation in shell size and shape (g-q). Scale bar: 1 cm.

Synonym. Coralliophila abbreviata auct. non Lamarck, 1816 (see Bouchet, 2015)


Diagnosis. Globose, inflated shell. Short conical spire, sutures not incised. Aperture oval, wide. Teleoconch sculptured with numerous low spiral cords, densely packed with small scales. One larger spiral cord on the body whorl, located close to the anterior end of the shell. Umbilical area wide, with imbricated fasciole and open umbilical furrow. Yellow to transparent operculum. Associated with a range of scleractinian host species. Also recorded from Zoantharia and Coralliomorpharia (Miller, 1981).