Contributions to Zoology, 86 (2) – 2017Marta Guntiñas; Jorge Lozano; Rodrigo Cisneros; Carlos Narváez; Jorge Armijos: Feeding ecology of the culpeo in southern Ecuador: wild ungulates being the main prey

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Jorge Lozano was supported by a Prometeo Fellowship from SENESCYT, the national agency for Education and Science of the Government of Ecuador. We would like to express our gratitude to the Regional Ministry of Environment N°7 in Loja for facilitating research permits, and also to their rangers for their help with logistics and fieldwork. We also thank the Universidad San Francisco de Quito for sharing its reference collection with us, and Lisette Waits (University of Idaho, USA) and Daniela Arias for providing genetic information on scats. Special thanks also go to Danilo Patiño, a student, for his help in the laboratory. Three anonymous referees provided comments which greatly improved the final manuscript. This research was carried out with the economic support of the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador.

Received: 7 September 2016

Revised and accepted: 19 April 2017

Published online: 19 July 2017

Editor: V. Nijman