Contributions to Zoology, 68 (3) ..-.. (1999)

Consequences of the discovery of Stenasellus (Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota) in the underground waters of Oman (Arabian Peninsula)

Stygofauna of Oman, 4*

Guy J. Magniez , Jan H. Stock (†)

Université de Bourgogne, Dept. Biologie Animale Bd. Gabriel, 21000, Dijon, France;

Institute for Systematics and Population Biology, University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94766, 1090 GT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keywords: Arid climate, cohabitation of species, ecotones, gen. Stenasellus, , marine ancestors, paleobiogeography, Quaternary glaciations, recent expansion, underflow.