Contributions to Zoology, 70 (3) (2001)

Ecological studies on a population of the water snake Grayia smythii in a rainforest swamp of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Godfrey C. Akani , Luca Luiselli

Department of Biological Sciences, Rivers State University of Science and Technology , P.M.B. 5080, Port Harcourt, Rivers State,

Corresponding author: Centre of Environmental Studies “Demetra” via dei Cochi 48/B, I-00133 Rome, Italy; F.I.Z.V., via Olona 7, I-00198 Rome, Italy; and Municipal Museum of Natural History, piazza A. Frezza 6, I-00030 Capranica Prenestina, Rome,

Keywords: Grayia smythii, , Colubridae, snakes, ecology, Nigeria