Contributions to Zoology, 84 (1) – 2015Nicole Klein; Alexandra Houssaye; James M. Neenan; Torsten M. Scheyer: Long bone histology and microanatomy of Placodontia (Diapsida: Sauropterygia)

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O. Dülfer (StIPB) and Ch. Wimmer-Pfeil (SMNS) are thanked for the production of thin sections. We are grateful to H. Furrer (PIMUZ), H. Hagdorn (MHI), N. Hauschke (IGWH), R. Schoch (SMNS), and D. Schwarz-Wings (MfN) who kindly gave permission for the histological sampling of placodont bones. P. Havlik (GPIT) is acknowledged for the photo of the cross section of the Henodus humerus. M. Sander (StIPB) gave allowance to use the technical equipment at the StIPB and is acknowledged for always inspiring discussions. G. Oleschinski (StIPB) is acknowledged for some of the photographs. D. Konietzko-Meier and Chris Shelton (both StIPB) contributed constructive comments on the thin sections. R. Baumann, A. Kupfer, M. Rasser, and FX. Schmidt (all SMNS) are thanked for technical support. The following persons provided samples for the PCA analyses: H. Furrer (PIMUZ), H. Hagdorn (MHI), N. Hauschke (IGWH), A. Krahl (StIPB), D. Nieweg (TWE), H. Oosterink (Winterswijk), M. Sander (StIPB), R. Schoch (SMNS), and S. Hajashi (OMNH). The study was partly funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant no. 149506 to TMS). AH acknowledges financial support from the ANR-13-PDOC-0011. We are thankful to the constructive comments of I.A. Cerda (Museo de Geologıa y Paleontologıa, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Buenos Aires) and an anonymous reviewer.

Received: 16 July 2014

Revised and accepted: 18 November 2014

Published online: 20 February 2015

Editor: M. Brazeau