Contributions to Zoology, 68 (4) (2000)Angelika Brandt: Short notes and reviews

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In 1994 an expedition with RV Polarstern aimed to investigate an area of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean which was not very well known biologically and geologically: the Bellingshausen and the Amundsen Sea. During this expedition a variety of different gear on board RV Polarstern was used and analysed (Miller & Grobe, 1996). Seventeen cores of the multiple corer (MUC) and a surface area of 10x10cm2 from giant-box corer samples were sorted for peracarid crustaceans but only a single isopod was found. It is a specimen belonging to the genus Storthyngura (Vanhöffen, 1914) which occurs primarily in the deep sea, and was also reported from the Southern Ocean with several species. The species, which seems to be most closely related to the specimen sampled with the MUC is Storthyngura fragilis (Beddard, 1885), which was found off Marion Island, but has a distribution extending to Yokohama, Japan.