Contributions to Zoology, 85 (3) – 2016Camila Falcione; Alejandra Hernando; Diego Andrés Barrasso; Diego Omar Di Pietro: Karyotypes of four species of Xenodontini snakes (Serpentes) and implications for taxonomy

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Species names, sex, collection numbers, and localities of specimens of Lygophis sampled in this study. UNNEC = Colección Herpetológica de la Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Corrientes, Argentina.

Lygophis anomalus (n = 5): UNNEC-13001 (♀) Paso de los Libres (29º3404’’S, 57º25’45’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-13002 (♀) La Cruz (29º8’21’’S, 56º52’35’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-11047 (♂) Mercedes (28º41’22’’S, 57º28’32’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-10843 (♂) Mercedes (28º42’12’’S, 57º28’26’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-11046 (♀) Medanos (33º25’54’’S, 59º04’17’’W), Entre Rios province, Argentina

.Lygophis dilepis (n = 6): UNNEC-09736 (♂) Fontana (25º20’18’’S, 59º41’17’’W), Formosa province, Argentina; UNNEC-10102 (♂) Corrientes Capital (27º28’ 09’’S, 58º46’56’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-10204 (♀), UNNEC-10211 (♀), and UNNEC-10212 (♀) Paraje Perichón (27º25’45’’S, 58º44’ 45’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-11831 (♂) Calchaquí (29º57’55’’S, 60º19’49’’W), Santa Fé province, Argentina.

Lygophis flavifrenatus (n = 2): UNNEC-11013 (♂) San Roque (28º52’37’’S, 58º28’09’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-11263 (♂) Corrientes Capital (27º28’09’’S, 58º46’56’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina.

Lygophis meridionalis (n = 2): UNNEC-10209 (♀) Isla Apipé (27º31’12’’S, 56º44’32’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina; UNNEC-11263 (♀) Concepción (28º23’01’’S, 57º51’57’’W), Corrientes province, Argentina.