Contributions to Zoology, 73 (4) (2004)C.F. Farias; L. de Brito-Gitirana*; S.P. Carvalho-e-Silva: Short notes and reviews

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Material and methods

Nine adult females of Bufo ictericus Spix, 1824 were collected in accordance with Brazilian law (collecting permit no. 020222.003111/96-14 issued by IBAMA) in Rio de Janeiro State. The animals were killed with ether vapor after anesthesia . Ovarian and Bidder’s organ fragments were fixed by immersion in Bouin’s liquid for 18h at 4oC. After rinsing in ethanol 70%, the fragments were processed according to the standard histologic technique for paraffin embedding. Five micrometer serial slices were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and Gomori’s trichrome (Lillie and Fulmer, 1976).