Contributions to Zoology, 69 (3) (2000)

Large elapids and arboreality: the ecology of Jameson’s green mamba (Dendroaspis jamesoni) in an Afrotropical forested region

Luca Luiselli , Francesco M. Angelici , Godfrey C. Akani

DEMETRA - Institute of Environmental Studies Via dei Cochi 48/B, I-00133 Rome, Italy, and Italian Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Via Cleonia 30, I-00152 Rome, Italy,

Ecology Research Group (NFC-FIZV) , No. 4 Adak Uko Street, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

Department of Biological Sciences, Rivers State University of Science and Technology P.M.B. 5080, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Keywords: Keywords : Dendroaspis jamesoni, , Elapidae, snakes, ecology, Nigeria