Contributions to Zoology, 86 (2) – 2017Gerrit Potkamp; Mark J.A. Vermeij; Bert W. Hoeksema: Genetic and morphological variation in corallivorous snails (Coralliophila spp.) living on different host corals at Curaçao, southern Caribbean

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The first author would like to thank Dasha Wels and Thijs Böhm for being dive buddies and great company on Curaçao. Without them the fieldwork would not have been possible! Many thanks to Yee Wah Lau (Naturalis) for invaluable help with the phylogenetic analysis and identification of octocorals. Further thanks to Bastian Reijnen (Naturalis) for additional help with the phylogenetic part of this project. Elza Duijm (Naturalis) is acknowledged for performing the sequencing of the two markers for all the specimens. Also thanks to Katja Peijnenburg (Naturalis) for help with the morphometric analyses. Further acknowlegdements go to Dana Williams (University of Miami) for help with the determination of the sex of snails and Laureen Schenk (Substation Curaçao) for the logistics and permits for the dives on the Sea Aquarium reef. The staff of CARMABI Research Station staff is thanked for the hospitality and use of equipment and lab space during the stay on Curaçao. The A.M. Buitendijkfonds and the Jan-Joost ter Pelkwijkfonds are thanked for the financial contributions to the fieldwork. We are grateful to three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments, which helped us to improve the manuscript considerably.

Received: 29 June 2016

Revised and accepted: 17 March 2017

Published online: 8 June 2017

Editor: Danwei Huang