Contributions to Zoology, 73 (4) (2004)R. Folliot; P. Ros-Farré; D. Bellido; J. Pujade-Villar: Alternation of generations in Andricus corruptrix (Schlechtendal): comments on and description of a new sexual form (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

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Life cycle of A. corruptrix (Schlechtendal, 1870) is treated and corrections to previous experiments are discussed. A new sexual form for A. corruptrix is herein described, while A corruptrix forma larshemi is considered a valid species and for taxonomical reasons is renamed as Andricus improprius n. stat & n.sp, only known by the sexual form, and not linked with A. corruptrix. Lectotypes for A. improprius n. stat & n. sp.(= A. larshemi not available) are also designated.