Contributions to Zoology, 78 (3) - 2009Valentina Delogu; Marco Curini-Galletti: The Parotoplana jondelii species-group (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata): a microturbellarian radiation in the Mediterranean

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Parotoplana obtusispina sp. n.

(Figs 3I; 4H)

Holotype: one karyological slide made permanent with lactophenol (SMNH 7572).

Type locality: St. Cyprien, France (lat. 42°37’ 45.97”N, long. 3°2’11.55”E), about 2 m deep, medium sand, August 2008.

Additional material: three karyological slides made permanent with lactophenol (CZM 181-183).

Etymology: the name refers to the blunt (latin obtusus) apices of the spines.

Description: The sclerotised apparatus consists of 14 spines (15 in specimen CZM 181) arranged as follows:

- Dorsal pairs: D1 : straight spines, with obtuse distal tips, 70-72 µm long in the holotype, ranging 69-73 µm in the sample; stem about 3 µm broad; D2 : straight spines, distinctly broader than D1 , with a recurved, obtuse distal tip. 71-73 µm long in the holotype, ranging 70-73 µm; stem about 7.5 µm broad; narrowing basally to 2 µm.

- Girdle: G1 : straight spines, 63 µm long in the holotype (range: 61-65 µm), without apophysis, with very narrow bases (about 1 µm broad), widening progressively to 4 µm towards the subapical region. Apex provided with an obtuse distal tip. G2 : similar to G1 , 67 µm long in the holotype, ranging 67-70 µm, with narrow bases, about 1.5 µm wide, widening distally to a maximum width of 6 µm at about 20 µm from the apex, which is nearly straight, and provided with an obtuse distal tip. Without distinct apophysis. G3 -G4 : two pairs of similar spines, about 60 µm long, with a maximum width of the stem of 4-5 µm, and narrowing towards a basis about 2 µm wide. Both pairs have very short (about 5 µm long) obtuse apices. With small apophyses, more developed in G4 .

- V: 55 µm long in the holotype, ranging 54-59 µm. Straight, rod-shaped spines, with a slightly recurved, obtuse distal tip. With a flat subterminal apophysis, inserted at about 13 µm from the apex.