Contributions to Zoology, 84 (4) – 2015Zorica Nedeljković; Jelena Ačanski; Mihajla Đan; Dragana Obreht-Vidaković; Antonio Ricarte; Ante Vujić: An integrated approach to delimiting species borders in the genus Chrysotoxum Meigen, 1803 (Diptera: Syrphidae), with description of two new species

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Integrative taxonomy

Morphological differences between the two identified morphotypes of C. vernale (A and B sensu Nedeljković, 2011) were small and further analyses were required to test whether they were separate taxa. To find additional differences between morphotypes A (typical C. vernale) and B (C. montanum sp. nov.), DNA, the morphometry of wings and surstyli, and ecological niches were analysed.