Contributions to Zoology, 86 (3) – 2017Christina Nagler; Jens T. Høeg; Carolin Haug; Joachim T. Haug: A possible 150 million years old cirripede crustacean nauplius and the phenomenon of giant larvae
Material and Methods

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We investigated a single slab from lithographic limestones of Southern Germany (Solnhofen area, Upper Jurassic, Tithonian, southern Germany) found in the hobby quarry near Eichstätt with a single small fossil specimen. The fossil was formerly part of the private collection of Michael Fecke, Langenberg, now transferred to the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart (SMNS 70409).

For comparison three modern larvae were documented: a thoracican lepadomorph nauplius of the group Lepadidae from the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN IU-2014-5478), a thoracican balanomorph nauplius (teaching collection LMU Munich), and a rhizocephalan nauplius, Peltogaster paguri, from the private collection of Jens T. Høeg in the Zoological Museum Copenhagen.