Contributions to Zoology, 86 (3) – 2017Christina Nagler; Jens T. Høeg; Carolin Haug; Joachim T. Haug: A possible 150 million years old cirripede crustacean nauplius and the phenomenon of giant larvae
Material and Methods

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Presentation methods

Interpretations of structures are presented by color-marked versions of the images. Structures apparent in the fluorescence and stereo-photography were marked with the lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop CS3 on a desaturated half image of the stereo image (Haug et al., 2012).

A simplified reconstruction of the fossil was assembled by mirroring missing structures (Haug et al., 2015d). For explaining structures, a virtual 3D model of a modern cirripede nauplius was reconstructed in Blender 2.49 (Blender Foundation), based on drawings from Miller and Roughgarden (1994).