Contributions to Zoology, 69 (3) (2000)Vincent Nijman: Geographic distribution of ebony leaf monkey Trachypithecus auratus (E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812) (Mammalia: Primates: Cercopithecidae)

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Island of Lombok

40. Mts Mangsit

Counties: Lombok Barat

Habitat: Small patch of lowland forest on the western coast of Lombok.

Status: No information available, but the species had been collected in June 1896 (Napier, 1985).

Specimens collected: Mangsit: BMNH 1939.1143.

41. Mt. Rinjani.

Counties: Lombok Tengah and Timor

Habitat: The Gunung Rinjani National Park covers an area of 40,000 ha, of largely montane forest. Despite its excistence since 1941, the park has failed to preserve the once very dense primary forest cover, at least on the northern and northeastern part. Nevertheless, the national park is the only extensive forest complex covering the mountainous northern part of Lombok (MacKinnon and Artha, 1982).

Status: Horst (1935) recorded ebony leaf monkeys in the forests on the southern slopes of Mt. Rinjani, between Sewala and Pusuk up to 1400 m a.s.l. In May 1990, the species was found at 600 m a.s.l. south of Bayan (S. van Balen in litt. 1998). Kitchener et al. (1990) reported ebony leaf monkeys to be common on Lombok, and observed groups of one or two individuals on Mt. Rinjani.

Specimens collected: Sembalun: MZB 6688; Sapit: MZB 6689.

42. Suranadi

Counties: Lombok Barat

Habitat: Suranadi is a small (52 ha) recreation park c. 25 km east of the capital city Mataram. The area comprises of mixed moist forest in a small patch around a water source and is important for local water protection (MacKinnon and Artha, 1982).

Status: Seen in groups of one or two, with the largest group consisting of 5 individuals (Kitchener et al., 1990).