Contributions to Zoology, 69 (3) (2000)Luca Luiselli; Francesco M. Angelici; Godfrey C. Akani: Large elapids and arboreality: the ecology of Jameson’s green mamba (Dendroaspis jamesoni) in an Afrotropical forested region

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Population size and density

During a 109-day-long research period in Eket, we captured and marked seven adult D. jamesoni (six males and one female), and later recaptured five of these specimens (four males and the female) for a total of eight recaptures. All the recaptured specimens exhibited sedentary habits. The female was contacted 23 days after the first capture in a tree adjacent to the one of capture (17 m of linear distance), whereas the four recaptured males were contacted again at a mean linear distance of 26.4 m from the sites of first capture, and in two cases inside the same tree where they were first captured.

According to a Lincoln-Petersen index calculation, population size was 11 adults (SE = 2), and density was approximately 0.11 adults per ha-1. It should be noted that, given (i) the apparently sedentary behaviour of these snakes and (ii) the relative isolation of the study forest (see “Methods”), the Lincoln-Petersen index seems to fit well with the population under study.