Contributions to Zoology, 85 (2) – 2016Fabio Scarpa; Piero Cossu; Tiziana Lai; Daria Sanna; Marco Curini-Galletti; Marco Casu: Meiofaunal cryptic species challenge species delimitation: the case of the Monocelis lineata (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata) species complex

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Crossbreeding experiments

Intra-populational crossing experiments revealed significant differences in the number of offsprings produced by pairs during the 20 weeks period of the test (S6) (Cochran’s C Test= 0.2792, P>0.05; F=57.21, P<<0.001); SNK test: PPx=CRo<<ALo=KFo=PUo<< CSo).

On the contrary, no offsprings were produced in any of the inter-populational crossings performed, with the unique exception of the test involving pairs derived from specimens from CSo and ALo, which produced 1.7437 ± 0.8681 offsprings per week.