Contributions to Zoology, 85 (1) – 2016Mei Liu; Na Ma; Bao-Zhen Hua: Intraspecific morphological variation of the scorpionfly Dicerapanorpa magna (Chou) (Mecoptera: Panorpidae) based on geometric morphometric analysis of wings

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Wing size variation among populations of D. magna

In males, the ANOVA on centroid sizes of wings does not differ significantly among the four populations (F(3, 72) = 2.589; P = 0.059) and no post-hoc LSD pair-wise comparisons were significant on centroid sizes (Table 1). However, the males from NGS have a smaller centroid size than other populations (Fig. 3).

In females, a remarkable difference was found among the four populations (ANOVA: F(3, 168) = 8.569; P = 0.000). The LSD test after Bonferroni correction on centroid sizes shows that NGS has the smallest centroid size (P < 0.006), differing significantly from other D. magna populations. No significant difference was found among the other three populations (PHDT/JLJ = 0.417; PHDT/TB = 0.859; PJLJ/TB = 0.344) (Table 1, Fig. 3).