Contributions to Zoology, 74 (1/2) (2005)

Analysis of a herpetofaunal community from an altered marshy area in Sicily; with special remarks on habitat use (niche breadth and overlap), relative abundance of lizards and snakes, and the correlation between predator abundance and tail loss in lizards

Luca Luiselli1, Francesco M. Angelici2, Massimiliano Di Vittorio3, Antonio Spinnato3, Edoardo Politano4

1.  F.I.Z.V. (Ecology ), via Olona 7, I-00198 Rome, Italy.

2.  F.I.Z.V. (Mammalogy), , via Cleonia 30, I-00152 Rome, Italy.

3.  Via Jevolella 2, Termini Imprese (PA), Italy.

4.  Centre of Environmental Studies ‘Demetra’,, via Tomassoni 17, I-61032 Fano (PU), Italy.