Contributions to Zoology, 83 (2) – 2014Pablo Hernández-Alcántara; Vivianne Solís-Weiss: Anatomical and morphometric analysis of a new species of Leitoscoloplos (Annelida: Orbiniidae) with numerous stomach papillae, from the Gulf of California, Eastern Pacific

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Our special thanks go to Gordon Paterson, researcher at the Natural History Museum, London (BMNH) for the loan of the type material of Leitoscoloplos panamensis. Thanks are also due to Diana L. Salcedo Oropeza for her help in measuring the specimens and to María Eugenia Zamudio Reséndiz for her assistance with the preparation of figures. We thank Yolanda Hornelas Orozco for her assistance in the processing of the electronic microscopy photographs. Finally, special thanks are also due to Danny Eibye-Jacobsen and the other anonymous reviewer for their very useful remarks which greatly improved the manuscript.

Received: 22 July 2013

Revised and accepted: 3 March 2014

Published online: 2 May 2014

Editor: H.A. ten Hove