Contributions to Zoology, 85 (1) – 2016V. Deepak; Varad B. Giri; Mohammad Asif; Sushil Kumar Dutta; Raju Vyas; Amod M. Zambre; Harshal Bhosale; K. Praveen Karanth: Systematics and phylogeny of Sitana (Reptilia: Agamidae) of Peninsular India, with the description of one new genus and five new species
Material and methods

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Delimitation of species

Field sampling and examination of museum specimens during the initial part of this study helped us identify specific characters for diagnosis of morpho-species. These characters were used in the field during our consecutive sampling to identify morpho-species. Morphological characters are thus distinct and used in the delimitation of the species. Molecular data was used to understand the evolutionary relationships of the species and their distinctiveness.